The future is close. Brussels is yours.


Regardless of your interests, or background, you’ll find yourself feeling at home in Brussels. This welcoming capital embraces new cultures and ideas without losing sight of the traditions and history that has shaped it to create new partnerships, experiences and opportunities.

How can cosmopolitan Brussels help your business?

Welcome to a multicultural city

Welcome to Brussels! Home to people from the four corners of the world – over 160 nationalities at the last count. Brussels is a vibrant capital that celebrates the differences between us, while finding new and exciting ways to unite us.

And this cosmopolitan attitude is reflected in our cultural institutions, our museums, our theatres, our art galleries, our cinema, our music, … In other words, it’s reflected in every aspect of our daily life.

You might think that communication is a problem when so many people from so many different places come together, but Brussels has found a way to make it work. In addition to English being widely spoken – it is the language of business after all – most inhabitants speak at least two languages fluently.

And the experts agree that Brussels offers residents a high quality of life. In a 2017 survey, Brussels was ranked 27 out of 231 cities for quality of life, beating a lot of major European capitals.

“In Paris, you start living like a Parisian. London turns you into a Londoner. In Brussels however, you don’t become a Brusselian, the city allows you to be yourself.” Eric Emmanuel Schmitt

Home sweet home

Where would you like to live? Brussels is built up of 19 ‘communes’, each with a different atmosphere. Just to mention a few, there’s trendy Ixelles, cultural Etterbeek, quaint Watermael-Boitsfort or quirky Saint Gillis. Or would you prefer vibrant Schaerbeek, calm Uccle or suburban Woluwe-Saint-Lambert? Whatever you like, there’s an area to suit you.

Purchase prices are stable, and compare favourably with other large European cities, with average house prices significantly cheaper than comparable property sizes and areas in London (KMPG). And the rental market is also affordable, both for long- and short-term rentals, with prices up to 70% cheaper than comparable properties and areas in London (KMPG).

Family time

No matter how big or small your family is, Brussels will make you feel welcome.

There are plenty of family friendly restaurants and activities for you to enjoy in your free time. And when you’re working, there’s affordable childcare. Public day-care centres look after children aged from 3 months to 3 years, and are often open from 7:30 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

As soon as your children are 2.5 years old, they can start at one of the local (French- or Dutch-speaking) schools or at one of the 20 international schools in the capital that offer programmes in English, German or Japanese. Education is compulsory for children aged 6 to 18 years old, and quality is high according to the OECD. Compulsory education can be followed by any of the numerous courses in English, Dutch or French taught at the 20 universities and academic institutions in the capital.

Enjoy your free time

What do you like to do when you’re not working? How about:

  • Enjoying a gastronomic night out at one of Brussels’ 3,300 restaurants, 21 of which have Michelin stars;
  • Expanding your horizons at one of the capital’s 100 museums that cover everything from dinosaurs and military planes to contemporary art and music;
  • Treating your ears at one of the capital’s numerous music venues, concerts and festivals;
  • Experiencing blockbuster screenings to small arthouse showings in one of the capital’s many cinemas;
  • Heading outside to the 8,000ha of green space, including the beautiful Bois de la Cambre;
  • Engaging in some serious retail therapy in one of Brussels’ shopping areas;
  • Taking part in the capital’s thriving expat community, from parenting groups to social activities, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes;
  • Getting active and participating in one of Brussels’ sporting events, such as the Brussels (half) marathon.
    It all awaits you in Brussels.

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FAQ Frequently asked questions

Brussels ranks consistently in the top 2-5 cities in Europe for the quality and diverse offering of its international education.

Some 30 of Europe’s top international schools are located here; offering GCSE, AP, IB, and ECIS programs in English, bilingual French-English, French, Japanese, German, the Scandinavian languages, Russian and others. The national Belgian school system offers a choice of local and private institutions to foreign students in French and Dutch.

Non-exhaustive list of international schools:

Office rental costs are well below those of Europe’s other business centers. For personal accommodation, a 100sq meter apartment in most central locations costs €1300/month or lower. Office space in prime locations is as low as €25/sqft.

The future is close. Brussels is yours.

What does this mean for you?

The future is close. Brussels is yours.